The Naturist Corner Forum has now been closed.

The Forum had been going for many years so we naturally gave this a lot of thought.  We shared those with our members in the topic of  “Where to next with Naturist Corner”. 

And we told everyone about our new concept in online social nudity that is the ‘Barely Clubhouse’ website and is aimed at people who enjoy social nudity and good conversation. It contains a Forum, a Chatroom and a Personal Messaging system. Not unlike Naturist Corner but with a 100% guarantee that every member is a genuine social-nudie.

Since we launched it, the feedback from people joining the Barely Clubhouse has been extremely positive and has lead us to believe that the traditional forum/chatroom structure for naturist websites has maybe had its day.  The Forum on Naturist Corner had served us well for over 12 years. But the world has changed. And will continue to do so.

We believe that the social-nudity concept of the BarelyClubhouse will offer a better opportunity to build a community of real, genuine nudie friends and acquaintances who have a wide range of different hobbies, interests and outlooks on life, yet with that common bond of nudity.  

We invite you to take a look at what the Barely Clubhouse offers and very much hope that you feel that you would like to join us.

You can use the buttons below to either discover the purpose and features available or to express an interest in joining the Barely Clubhouse.  


John and Cherry