Inappropriate Content – Post Moderation

We have removed a post you made as we think that it lacks respect and consideration to other members. We’d have hoped that you would have respected the naturist values that the vast majority of our members follow. Your future posts will therefore be moderated and each will have to be approved before they will...

Unacceptable Username

We’re sorry but the Username you chose is really not suitable for the Naturist Corner Forum. We’ve had to change it. The Naturist Corner Moderation Team

Removing ability to Post

You have received previous warnings for inappropriate activity. However, you have still continued whilst your posts have been moderated, resulting in them being deleted. Consequently we’ve removed your last post and removed your ability to post in the Naturist Corner Forum for the foreseeable future. The Naturist Corner Moderation Team

Removal of Post Moderation

Thank you for responding and dealing with the issue. We have reset your membership account and you may now post in the Forum without moderation. The Naturist Corner Moderation Team

General 2nd Warning

You have received a previous warning for inappropriate activity on Naturist Corner. You should urgently review the naturist values that we’d hoped every member of Naturist Corner would follow. You can find a COPY HERE If you continue to ignore them you may face a temporary or permanent ban from Naturist Corner. The Naturist Corner...

Your email address has become inactive

Sorry, but we’ve received notification that your registered mail address no longer receives emails from us. ¬†Our T&Cs do ask that you maintain a working email address at all times. Please will you update your member profile with your new email address and send a note to confirming this has been done. In the...

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