How to use the Personal Images section

How to use the Personal Images section

How do I create my Personal Images section?

Go to Personal Images in the Forum.  The ADD TOPIC and for the Title you MUST use your username.

Now you can add your first photograph.

Either just drag and drop them into the message space (they’ll automatically upload) OR  click Choose a File (and follow the instructions in How to Use the Forum – Adding an Image to a Post).

[After you have added an image to a post you will see this in the text box – [attach]126[/attach]  This is normal and is the code which will place the image into your Post when it’s viewed in the Forum (the number in the middle will be different for every image)]

That’s it! You’ve just posted your first photograph in the Personal Images section

You can drag and drop multiple images at the same time if you chose.  Or, within the 15 minute edit-allowed period you can add more individual images.

Don’t forget that you are only allowed a maximum of 5 images in your Personal Images section.

How can I add more Personal Images at a later date?

Go to the Forum. Personal Images and select the Topic with your username.

The at the bottom of the page simply ‘Add to the Topic‘ by creating another post and adding photographs as before.

Don’t forget that you are only allowed a maximum of 5 images in your Personal Images section.

How do I delete photographs?

You will need to delete your photograph(s) from your Image Library.

To access your Image Library, go to the bottom of any of your Picture Postcard ‘Topics’ and click on the Choose a file link.

The Library will open. Look for the image in the list and press the Red DELETE button.  This will remove the image from the post. If there was any text associated with the photograph then you should remove that as well.

This may leave a blank post on that Topic. Unfortunately the system isn’t able to let you delete that, but it’s not a problem and you can just drop a quick note to Admin and we’ll remove it for you.



Because of forum technical restrictions it’s not possible to just delete an image from a post.

For the same reasons it’s not possible for a member to delete a complete POST complete with image(s).

Adding a Tag to your Topic

When you start a new Topic you can add up to 5 tags that once posted will make your Topic easier to Search For.

Tags created will appear in the right hand sidebar together with the number of Topics containing those Tags. However, if you click on a Tag and nothing is listed, it’s usually because you don’t yet have access to the Forum section that it’s been created in eg: Picture Postcard Group.

What happens if I upload a photograph that doesn’t meet the guidelines?

We reserve the right to remove it. Depending how far “out-of-the-guidelines” we will either write to you to discuss/ask you to remove it, or we will remove it immediately.

Please note that if we remove the photograph then it will be permanently removed from your personal Image Library and anywhere else that you may have used that photograph in the Forum.

How can I tell people that I like their photographs (or ask about them)?

There’s two ways.

COMMENTS (yes, they’re back!).  This time, click on someone’s Topic with the image and simply add a Post with the comment (or question).

LIKES   just click on the LIKE button if you don’t really want to say anything but you want to show your appreciation of the image.  Your ‘Like’ will appear on their Post and they’ll know it’s from you.

PLEASE REMEMBER … you may put Comments onto another member’s Personal Image topic but YOU MUST NOT post any photographs in their space.

What should I do if I have more than 5 photographs?

Your allowance is a Max of 5. If you want to add a different one then you should delete one before you add another.


Please look for an answer to your question or issue first in the FAQ.  If you’re unable to find any help, please post in the FORUM HELP section of the Forum including full details.