Naturist Corner Ethos

Respect and Consideration in our Community Forum

In a friendly naturist community forum such as Naturist Corner we don’t think that it’s unreasonable to ask members to use the same naturist values of respect and consideration that everyone would expect to see in other naturist environments such as naturist swims, beaches, events, resorts or clubs.

We therefore depend heavily on all members to help us to maintain Naturist Corner as a place that everyone really feels that they want to be a part of.

We’ve set out some guidelines which we hope you’ll accept as the sort of naturist values that you’d expect to find in a place for genuine naturists.

(Please also remember the general Terms & Conditions of Membership that you agreed to when you joined Naturist Corner. )

Section 1. What this means for NEW MEMBERS

Getting to know a new place can sometimes be difficult so we hope that these guidelines will help you find your way around during your time as a NEW member.


  • If you can’t figure how something works or have a question or a problem please don’t use the Contact Form. This is primarily for external (non-member) contact. Everyone who helps run Naturist Corner are volunteers and their time is limited so please post your issue/question in the ‘Help’ section and someone will jump in to help you when they can or another member may know the answer anyway.
  • Don’t rush into the Forum and post a few one-liners that don’t add much to a topic. Our FULL members prefer to take a little time to get to know new members and will not appreciate it. We may have to extend your time as a NEW Member if we don’t think that you’re adding much to a debate or discussion.
  • However, do take every opportunity to interact fully with other member’s posts in the forum, as it gives the community information about yourself and gives everyone time to get to know you.
  • However, we advise  not to add any personal information to an open forum post which may personally identify you. That is, it’s not a great idea to give out your real name and your telephone number and our members wouldn’t expect it!
  • Do use the opportunity to tell everyone more about yourself.
    You’ll find that they’ll be interested and will be helpful.
  • Do respect member’s wishes in Private Messages. Check their Profile page. If they have opted to NOT receive Private Messages then do NOT under any circumstances send them a Private Message.  Our systems will alert us if you do.
  • As a NEW Member you can access most of the Forum so spend a little time looking around,
    read some of the posts in Topics, find links to articles on the site. Once you feel you’ve got to know the place do create new topics of your own and join in discussions.

Section 2. Respect and Consideration in our FORUM

  • We don’t think that there’s anything wrong with a good robust discussion but we do feel that any member resorting to personal abuse or personal criticism of another member should have their posts removed and if they continue then their ability to post removed or even their membership cancelled. (If any member does have an issue with someone’s post then please report it to Admin via the ‘Report this post’ button associated with each post.)
  • We recommend that everyone steers clear of starting or contributing to a discussion on Politics or Religion. Not that we’ve got anything against either but people tend to have polarised opinions about both and despite new topics starting with the best intentions they often bring out the worst in people. And then our Moderators have to sort the mess out. If you want to have a discussion about either there are plenty of other forums where you can. If you ignore this recommendation and post on either subject then you may find that your post(s) have been removed.  If you continue to post on either subject you might find yourself removed. Just saying.
  • Please remember that Naturist Corner is not a campaigning or tub-thumping organisation. Nor do we think that members should consider that they have an automatic right to use us as a platform for campaigns or for promoting organisations which they personally support. At the very least we think that you should have the courtesy to talk to us first. If you can’t respect that then probably Naturist Corner is not for you.
  • Only post a significant addition or contribution to a Topic if you see that the Topic is months or years old. Simply adding a one-liner to ‘bump’ the topic into visibility will annoy a lot of people so do check the date of the last post on that Topic.
  • Please do stick to the title of the Topic when posting. We’re happy with a degree of drift from the original post topic but when there’s a significant off-topic drift then we’ll either give a warning or we’ll remove posts that continue after that and moderate the member concerned. We think that’s only fair out of respect to the original poster.
  • On some Forums the actions known as “Trolling’ or ‘Flame Baiting” take place in an attempt to derail topics or steer them off course for amusement. On behalf of everyone in our Forum we’re not going to put up with that sort of behaviour and we’ll suspend the membership of anyone that tries it.
  • Please don’t offend other members of the community by posting sexually explicit, enticing, provocative or photographs that emphasise sexual parts or aspects of the body in either the forum pages or in your signature or avatar. Please do remember that if you are using a nude photograph of yourself as an Avatar then it must include your head and face and you should not be posing in a way that might be construed as provocative.  Photographs considered as such will be removed.
  • Please remember that if you are part of a naturist club, commercial naturist organisation, naturist project, event organiser or similar you must not advertise, canvas or provide links to a website until you have the express permission of the Naturist Corner Administration Team via one of the contact page options.
  • Please respect the privacy wishes of other members by not sending Private Messages (PMs) to members who have indicated in their profile that they do NOT wish to receive them.

Section 3. Respect and Consideration during MODERATION

The objective of Moderators and Administrators is to moderate the Forum and manage the site in a fair but firm manner on behalf of the majority of our members. Please remember that everyone ‘behind the scenes’ is a volunteer and willingly gives up some of their spare time to do the job on behalf of the whole Community. We simply ask that you show respect and consideration to these people for the work that they do.


  • If you do disagree with something about Naturist Corner or think that something could work better then please send a personal message to the Administrators We can then have a discussion about the issue and hopefully come to a fair and amicable outcome. Please don’t forget, we’re not charging you to use Naturist Corner and the costs generally do come out of our own pocket, so we don’t think that this is too much to ask.
  • However please don’t try to circumvent that process or disrespect us or disagree with us by creating a discussion post and/or grandstanding/showboating in the Forum …. as we’ll then have no alternative but to suspend your ability to post freely in the Forum until the moderation team have a chance to discuss and examine the issue and consider a more permanent resolution.
  • If you strongly disapprove of the content of a post that another member has made …. please don’t shout them down in the forum. Just click on the ‘REPORT’ link (top right on every post) to send your thoughts to the moderators and we’ll take a look and let you know what action we’ve decided.