Naturist Swim Application Information

How many genuine naturists would you like to be able to see information about your swim?

We have hundreds of genuine naturists that use our forum and visit our website every day. We have thousands who follow us on social media.



We can help bring your swim to the notice of the wider naturist world …. free of charge

Naturist Corner has been around for nearly 12 years.  Because we’ve always had pretty robust membership application requirements we can confidently say that we’re one of the few naturist websites that can claim to have a virtually 100% membership of genuine naturists.

If you are the organiser of a naturist swim event.

If your event embraces the ethos of Naturist Corner then we’d be delighted to publicise it. Free of charge, naturally.

What does this mean?

  • It means that we’d hope that access to your swim will not be restricted to people who are already members of a naturist organisation or club and that you offer open access both to single people and couples alike.
  • That you’ve some provision to take into account a couple where one person maybe be still a little hesitant about naturism or very new to it.
  • And that you’ve made it easy for people interested in attending to talk to you to find out more.

Please use the Swim Information Form to tell us about your event.  Our editorial team will take a look at the information and if all’s well we’ll add it to our listing within 48 hours.

We hope that you’ll understand that Naturist Corner has to accept the responsibility to ensure that all information we publish is genuine, accurate and appropriate to our readership.  This does mean that we can no longer accept information from third parties, third-party websites or ‘tip offs’ about activities.   And this does mean that in oder to ask us to list your events you MUST be the organiser of the event or formally appointed/deputed to represent the organiser.