Picture Postcards Group Guidelines

Guidelines for using the Images Group on Naturist Corner

Life in the Sun, happy days so why not share them!

What’s Picture Postcards all about?

If you’ve been on a great beach, had a fabulous holiday, walked in some amazing places, created a super nude-friendly space in your garden, taken part in a nude activity or been to an interesting event, why not share your experience. Tell other group members all about it and share your photographs  – and they might just decide it’s a place they’d love to visit or something that they’d like to do themselves.
Back-in-the-day the ‘Picture Postcard’ was a very popular thing for people to send to their friends. We guess that the modern social media equivalent is the ‘Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp-Selfie’ where in a single photo you can show where you are and what you’re doing to your friends and family.

Now you have the opportunity to do the same in a nude-friendly way to your friends and fellow members of our naturist community.

Not only can you show members the opportunities for naturism where you are/where you’ve been … you might also tempt them to visit the place for themselves.

What’s Personal Images all about?

This is an added extra to Picture Postcards. This is for photographs that are primarily of yourself. They probably won’t include much scenery or information in the background about where they were taken. But that’s OK. This section is for you to post images to introduce yourself, maybe to show hobbies or where you live.  You have an allowance of 5 images in this section.  (If you already have 5 and want to add an extra then you should delete one).

Here’s the Guidelines we hope that everyone in the Image Groups will follow …

Please do try to understand the sort of photograph that you should post in this Group. If you get it wrong, don’t worry, we’ll take it out of the Group and we’ll drop you a note explaining why.  You’ll then be able to decide what you want us to do with the post.

In ‘Personal Images’ DO NOT post your or other photographs/images in another persons section. This section is for individual members to post their photos. Please do respect that.

Given that this is a NATURIST Group, as such we feel that you should mainly post naturist photographs. As a rule of thumb, if you have posted more than 20% non-naturist photographs in either ‘Picture Postcards’ or ‘Personal Images’ then maybe you should consider pruning.  Of course if you do want to share other types of photos then there are many other sites now available on the web.

Please don’t offend other members of the Group by posting sexually explicit, enticing, provocative or photographs that emphasise sexual parts or aspects of the body. We regularly check through the Picture Postcard Group and if we see them we’ll delete them, no discussion will be entered into and if you post them back it’ll leave us with no alternative but to suspend your account. Whilst we have no objection to naturists wearing piercings of any kind, close up images of genital piercings most definitely will fall into the above category.

‘Pushing the boundaries’ is something we look out for and we think that it shows a lack of respect both for  the Group members and the Naturist Corner ethos and we’ll remove Posts/Uploads that we feel fit into this category.

Nude photographs really must be of a naturist type and whilst we know this can be highly subjective a really good rule of thumb here is that your photos would be acceptable to appear in either BN Magazine or H&E Magazine. Again, if you want to share any sort of photograph other than a naturist one then there are plenty of sites that will let you do it.

Do please remember that Naturist Corner doesn’t have unlimited resources on our web server. So please don’t post a number of photographs that are basically the same view with simple minor variations. If you do, we think it’s fair that we reserve the right to remove them to free up space for other Picture Postcard Group members.

Not posting any photographs after we’ve given you Group membership really says to us that you’re not bothered about having a Group account. So if you don’t post anything or remove your photographs from the Group you may find that we remove your Group Membership. You will have to wait for 3 months after that before before you may reapply. If you no longer require the Group membership then please simply tell Admin and we’ll delete it for you.

Many of the above items will also generally apply to images in posts in our Forum and we urge members to follow this guidance as we will remove images that don’t meet it.

You can apply to be a member of the Images Group by visiting the INFORMATION PAGE.

Technical Details

  • Your upload will be rejected if your image size equals or exceeds 1Mb
  • Only .jpg .jpeg and .gif files types can be currently uploaded.