Picture Postcards Information

Life in the Sun, happy days so why not share them! We’ve got two image sections that give you the opportunity to create your own gallery.

But you’ll need to join the Images Group first.


This is for photographs that are primarily of yourself. They probably won’t include much scenery or information in the background about where they were taken. But that’s OK. This section is for you to post images to introduce yourself, maybe to show hobbies or where you live.


If you’ve been on a great beach, had a fabulous holiday, walked in some amazing places, created a super nude-friendly space in your garden, taken part in a nude activity or been to an interesting event, why not share your experience. Tell other group members all about it and share your photographs  – and they might just decide it’s a place they’d love to visit or something that they’d like to do themselves.

Back-in-the-day the ‘Picture Postcard’ was a very popular thing for people to send to their friends. We guess that the modern social media equivalent is the ‘Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp-Selfie’ where in a single photo you can show where you are and what you’re doing to your friends and family.

Not only can you show members the opportunities for naturism where you are/where you’ve been … you might also tempt them to visit the place for themselves.

How do I join the Images Group?

If you had a NC MEDIA CENTRE account on the old NC site.

If you DID NOT have a NC MEDIA CENTRE account on the old NC site.


Where are the Galleries, why can’t I see them?

The galleries in the Images Group are only visible once you’ve applied and been successful in joining the Images Group.

What happens if I upload a photograph that’s not the right sort?

First off, depending on how ‘not-the-right-sort’ it is we’ll ask you if you would remove it from the Group.  If it’s certainly ‘not-the-right-sort’ we reserve the right to delete it.  We’ll send you a note explaining why and possibly have a conversation with you.

What happens if I go above my allowed 25 images?

Well, to start with we’d hope that you would respect our guidelines and not let that happen. Unintentional things do happen though and in the first instance we’ll send you a note and ask you to remove the extra number within a day or so. Think ‘Fair Use’ policy.

What happens if I don’t upload any images?

Well, again, we’d hope that you would respect our guidelines and not let that happen.  However if you don’t upload anything or you remove the images you have then we’ll have to assume that you didn’t really want the account to upload images. And we reserve the right to cancel your Group account in that case. If you find you don’t want the account then just tell us, it’s no problem.

What are the Guidelines?

Here’s a copy of them for you to read.  Images Group Guidelines

What happens if I don’t want/don’t like to stick to the guidelines?

We’d of course like to know why.  But if you’d found that you couldn’t respect our guidelines then we’d have to assume that Naturist Corner may not be for you.

Please Remember

The Images Group is for genuine naturists who are members of Naturist Corner to share their experiences and photographs with members who we believe also to be genuine naturists. It’s only visible to members who have successfully applied to us to become a member of the Images Group.