Can we find you some clothes-free places to visit?

You don’t have to enjoy camping to go on a naturist holiday. Let’s dispel that myth right away. OK, many naturists do, but if you’re the sort of person that would rather not share a sink in a shower block there are lots of other options. Hotel class accommodation without clothes is what we’ve chosen to list here.

There are a huge range of holiday options that will feel familiar to you but with the added dimension of not having to wear clothes if you don’t feel like.
They may be hotels with 4 star service, cottages or luxury rooms in beautifully restored buildings, a boutique retreat or beautifully appointed apartments right next to the sea.


Every week we feature what our members believe are the very best places to visit nude.

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We can connect you to some articles which will give you a feel for holidaying without clothes

The Connected Naturist
How about a long-weekend away?

Your naturist break might start here with Naturist BnB.

A range of accommodation, all with a naturist-friendly host and clothing optional or nudist nature.


NATURIST BnB  cater private homestay, holiday homes and resorts – basically any type of accommodation. One thing common with all of them is their Naturist friendly host and clothing optional or nudist nature.

They are here to help you to find accommodation to enjoy clothing optional, nudist or naturist experience in a new way. Whether your preference is a private villa with a pool for skinny dipping or a social nudism in a Yoga retreat.

We’ve a selection of UK beaches that you might like to explore

Around the UK there are lots of beaches that have been used by naturists for many years.

Some are designated ‘official’, most simply have a section that most used as a clothing-optional area.   Many have been used by Naturist Corner members over the years and we’ve used their comments to help you decide which might be best for you.

Take a look at our choices of Naturist Swims in the UK

Don’t wait for a special event or holiday to come around, just do it now!
If you fancy a skinnydip just get in touch with one of the groups and forget your swimsuit, any time of the year. And if you’re only just coming around to the idea ask them about any ‘costume-optional’ introductory events that they may be holding.

We keep a list of various types of naturist events throughout the year that all naturists have access to

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