Processing Registration Requests

Processing Registration Requests


Naturist Corner is for genuine people who are already naturists or thinking seriously about the lifestyle. So we need to give very careful consideration to wannabees, wishful thinkers or maybees. What other information are they giving us about themselves and does it convince us that they are genuine applicants?

We MUST have a clear picture of who this person is and what they enjoy in ‘normal’ life.

We’re not a crusading, campaigning or evangelical organisation. And we really don’t want to accept people who clearly declare that they are (and probably just wish to use us as a platform).

We don’t have a huge desire to be an ‘International’ website. And we are a 100% English speaking forum. So overseas registrations need to be given a lot more consideration, especially those whose first language is obviously not English and also ignore what we ask and just put a ‘one-liner’ in the ‘About Me’ section. A straight rejection is usually the best bet.

There’s a huge amount of guidance now on the registration page as to what we’d like people to tell us. If they simply choose to ignore that or can’t be bothered with it or fail to understand it then why would we want them as members? Don’t be afraid to use a straight reject if that’s obviously the case.


When you see ‘Members awaiting approval’ message in the top right …..

1. Click on message

2. Click on username in the list that comes up. This will give you their application information. Take an initial judgement from the email address (does it look obviously fake?) and what they have written (does it meet the guidelines, does it convince you that they are genuine), have they completed location etc etc.

3. Return to list (click ‘Members awaiting approval’ message again).

  • Click on IP Address. On the page that opens up, one of the ‘Look up IP on a Regional whois-server…’ should be in BOLD. Click on the BOLD message. This will show which ISP the applicant uses. Check that the location of the ISP matches the location stated in the application.
  • Check that there are no other members showing under the ‘Members from IP (range)’. If there are quite a few, it usually means that the applicant is with an ISP that dynamically allocates IP Addresses ( a different one possibly each time they log in) so other members may also have been allocated the same IP address. This is not a problem or unusual.
  • However, if there is only one other member showing with the same IP Address this possibly indicates a member who is trying to set up a second account.
  • If either of these tests fail, do not approve or reject the application but post a message on the Rejected & Queried Mod Board with a topic of the Applicants name and brief details for Admins to investigate further. It’s therefore important that Moderators note any new posts regarding Pending Registrations before taking any further actions.

4. Return to list (click ‘Members awaiting approval’ message again).

  • If all tests have proved OK, tick the right hand box of the Applicant and select “Approve and Send Email” from the drop-down.
  • If your judgement is that the Applicant should be refused on the basis that they have not put enough information, select “Reject and Send Email”. (use examples in ‘Registration Rejects’ as guidelines)
  • If your judgement is that the Applicant is not a genuine naturist (ie: just expects to see pics of ‘naked people’) or otherwise unlikely to fit in with NC, just use “Reject”.


The Registration Application Form | The Staff-Only sections for Admin & Moderators