Adding an image to a Post

When you are creating a Topic or adding to one you can also add an image/photograph.  Adding an image can be done in two ways.

Option 1.

Probably the easiest way. From your desktop computer/laptop just find the image file you wish to add and Drag and Drop it onto the message box of your Topic/Post.

You can select and drag/Drop multiple images (max 4) at any one time (Max image size 1Mb per image)

[NB: After you have added an image to a post you will see this in the text box – [attach]126[/attach] This is normal and is the code which will place the image into your Post when it’s viewed in the Forum (the number in the middle will be different for every image)]



This is the option that you will need to use on most mobile devices.  You can, however chose to use it also on your desktop devices.

Click on the Choose a File link at the bottom left of the Edit Box. This will open up your personal ‘Image Library’ window. Click on the Blue Upload Your Files button and chose the file you wish to upload.  It will show the progress of the upload.

When successfully uploaded it will appear in your library as per this sample.  Put a tick in the little right hand box then press the Green Insert Into Post button.  The image will appear in your Edit Box with your post.

If you change your mind and wish to upload a different file, you can remove the file from your personal Image Library by clicking the appropriate Red Delete button on the file you no longer want.

Once you have uploaded an image into your personal Image Library it will stay in the Library and you may use it again in other posts.  NB. If you subsequently remove that file from your Library then it will also be removed on any Posts you’ve added it to.


  • Your personal Image Library may store around 50 images max, depending on the size of the images you’ve stored. Whilst we don’t strictly impose this limit we do operate a ‘fair-use’ policy and we may delete some of your images if we feel that you’re abusing the system.
  • Individual Image uploads may not exceed 1024KB (1MB) per image. You must not upload more than 4 files at the same time.
  • You can chose either to select image files to upload from your computer/mobile device or you can just drag and drop them onto the Post (Desktop devices).

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