Despite sending you a reminder a couple of weeks ago we’re seeing that your profile information is still blank.

Why is it important for everyone to have a full profile?

Here’s the issue. Naturist Corner has always had a great reputation of being a website with a very very high percentage of genuine naturists.  No doubt you will be aware of other naturist sites with a reputation in the opposite direction …. and with a high number of ‘Blank’ and ‘Fake’ accounts.

We’re doing our best to encourage members to re-complete their profiles so that NC’s reputation doesn’t also become one of blank profiles! So, please will you make the effort to complete your profile right away. 

We are however now checking profiles on a daily basis and we hope that you’ll understand that for those members we continue to find with blank profiles we really have to consider separating them from Naturist Corner by suspension of their account.



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I had a 35 year career in Marketing Communications and Public Relations together with owning a software development company putting together back-office solutions for the event industry. I've also been involved with developing, managing and moderating Naturist Forums on and off for +20 years and was instrumental in building the very first forum for British Naturism. With my partner Cherry we're the owners of Naturist Corner. ( @cherry-and-john)
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