We’re sorry but your application to join Naturist Corner has been turned down on this occasion.

The members of Naturist Corner will always warmly welcome new members BUT they will want to understand your reasons for wanting to join the community. So your experience (so far) of naturism, the places that you’ve been to, why you’d like to join Naturist Corner, these are all the sort of things that all add to the overall picture they will get of you from your member profile.

One of the main reasons we reject applications is that of not having put enough or the right sort of information in the ‘INTRODUCE YOURSELF …’ section.  

We make no apologies for this fairly strict membership application process. Over the years it’s what has made Naturist Corner the place where genuine naturists really want to be.

If you’d like to try again, please read the application requirements carefully, follow what they say and after a 24hr period you can re-submit your application.

We’ll then take a second look at it.

The Naturist Corner Community Team

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