How do I start?

Have a look through the photographs you have.  Try to select one (or a few) that reminds you of either somewhere you’ve been or something that you’ve done.  Something that you’ve really enjoyed.

Now, go to the Picture Postcards Group in the forum and start a new Topic (ADD TOPIC). Enter a title that says something about your photograph(s).

Either just drag and drop them into the message space (they’ll automatically upload) OR  click Choose a File (and follow the instructions in How to Use the Forum – Adding an Image to a Post).

[After you have added an image to a post you will see this in the text box – [attach]126[/attach]  This is normal and is the code which will place the image into your Post when it’s viewed in the Forum (the number in the middle will be different for every image)]

Now, importantly – tell everyone about the photographs, the where, the when, the how, for example. The click ADD TOPIC

That’s it!  You’ve just sent a Picture Postcard to the rest of the Picture Postcard Group.


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