IMPORTANT The two photographs you send MUST have been taken at obviously different times and at different places.  If you just send two selfies taken at the same time and place then your application will fail.

What kind of ‘naturist’ photo should you use?  The choice is yours ….

  • Full length nude set in a naturist environment or landscape, sitting or stood.
  • Rear view as long as a good part of your face is showing (at least in profile) and recognisably matching your clothed photo.
  • As above with part-shaded face/sun glasses

You should not use for your naturist photograph …..

  • Isolated body parts
  • Nude body without a head
  • Graphically/Photoshopped altered images (you might feel that they’re creative but for this purpose, no.)
  • Of course, something you’ve just grabbed from the web ….. we do random checks and it wouldn’t be good if we find out.

You can choose which photograph (naturist/clothed) you wish to be used as your profile image, the other will be deleted.

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