What kind of photo should I use for my profile?

We now ask all Naturist Corner active members to have a photograph of themselves in their profile.

Photos (Avatars) are added via the MY PROFILE -> ACCOUNT tab on your Forum Menu bar.

What kind of photo should you use?  The choice is yours but here’s what we recommend:

  • Full length nude set in a landscape is fine
  • Rear view as long as part of your face is clearly showing (at least in profile)
  • Head and shoulders – bare shoulders or clothed
  • Part-shaded face/sun glasses
  • Fully clothed

What you really should avoid using:

  • Isolated body parts
  • Nude body without a head
  • Undue focus on sexual parts.
  • A rear view without any part of the face showing
  • A tiny image of yourself ‘lost in the landscape’
  • Just graphics without any personal content
  • Of course, something you’ve just grabbed from the web ….. we do random checks and it wouldn’t be good if we find out.


Please make sure that the image has a max size of around 1000px on the longest side.  Make sure that your head is roughly in the middle of the frame.




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