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Maybe you’re looking for a bit of a different take on naturism? After all, you don’t ‘have’ to enjoy camping to go on a naturist holiday. OK, many naturists do, but if you’re the sort of person that would rather not share a sink in a shower block there are lots of other options.

So Tents, Caravans and Mobilehomes are not you?

Don’t worry, there are a huge range of holiday options that will feel familiar to you but with the added dimension of not having to wear clothes if that’s your choice. They may be hotels with 4 star service, naturist country clubs or resorts, cottages or luxury rooms in beautifully restored buildings, a boutique retreat or beautifully appointed apartments next to the sea.

Hotel class accommodation without clothes

These are places that will give you the services you need to enjoy your holiday. Many of these options will have installed spa facilities with hot tub, sauna and many with indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools. Some will offer extras such as a concierge service or aromatherapy treatments. And you’ll most certainly have your own en-suite bathroom.

Let’s get rid of the pressure and the rules, you’re on holiday!

Most of our pick have a more relaxed approach to naturism and are ‘clothes-optional’. For example, you won’t find the pressure that’s often present at more traditional naturist venues if one of you feels that you’d like to take your time before you disrobe.
Nor will you be expected to produce an INF or naturist organisation identity card!

If you’re just thinking about a Clothes Optional Beach or Holiday ….


If you’re a newcomer to naturism or not everyone that’s going with you is either ready, or likely, to want to go nude then there are a good number of places that operate on a ‘Clothes-Optional’ basis.  They may be gites or apartments, textile hotels but with some separate naturist facilities such as a spa or pool or simply accommodation that’s very close to a naturist beach.

A Clothing-Optional holiday may offer you the best of both worlds.

…. and here’s some blog info that might help …

Skinnydipping? On a nudist beach? Have you gone completely mad, no way!
A woman to woman look at the fears and concerns that one of our members had when her man made the suggestion. And wonders if they are the same for you.
What’s a girl to do?
Having tried cruises with old girlfriends that after 2 weeks I would have gladly strangled I did not want a ‘gooseberry experience’ with a suitably sympathetic couple. A great article from one of the single ladies who visited Vassiliki in Kefalonia, Greece
Preparing to get naked: The talk to have before dropping your bikini top or swimsuit
The worst thing you might do is surprise your spouse by just showing up at a nude beach or clothing optional location and expect them to jump right in. Not a good idea at all.
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Clothes, No Problem! Five reasons to go on a naked holiday
My wife and I have been going on nude holdays and getaways for nearly 20 years now, yet I wouldn’t call us nudists. We have learned that holidaying in the buff is a wonderful way to enjoy our time together and relax.


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Of course, if you really love camping ….


Camp site specialist ACSI has made the content of its camp site guides available online since 1999 under the name Eurocampings. Their website contains the same topical, objective and reliable camp site information as that which is contained in the guides. A complete summary of all the camp sites inspected by ACSI. You will also get a good visual impression of your possible holiday destination.


NATURIST CORNER TRAVEL – working with us

If you have a holiday or short-break travel company similar to those listed above and you share our ethos then we’ll probably be able to offer you ongoing FREE ADVERTISING AND PUBLICITY. Naturist Corner has been around for around 10 years and has earned a reputation for attracting an extremely high percentage of genuine naturists in our membership.