Your AVATAR needs you

If you feel that there is overwhelming reason why you would find it impossible to display an image of yourself on your Naturist Corner profile then please tell us by completing this form.  And then we can talk about it and maybe help you figure out a style of photo that might work for you.

We have to be honest and give you our thoughts on reasons that have previously been given to us on this topic. For example:

“My wife/partner doesn’t know about my naturism and she might see it”
Well, if that’s the case, why would she have access to the NC forum?

“My neighbours/school/ colleagues might see my photo”
They only would if they are genuine naturists and have gone through the rigorous NC membership application process!

”I’m in the medical/legal/sensitive (etc) profession and I really wouldn’t want my clients knowing I was a naturist”
Same answer as above.

“I work for MI5/MI6/British Armed Forces and I don’t want them to know”
You think that they don’t know already!? 😳

“I just really don’t want my nude image on the internet!”
OK, but you don’t have to be nude. A head and shoulders is fine. Dressed. Would you have a problem with that?



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