Personal Message system overview

The Message system provides a safe way to communicate directly with other members of the forum. Messages you send and receive via PM are private and can only be viewed by you and the forum member(s) you’re corresponding with.

By sending a message and then getting a reply you can create a ‘conversation‘ between yourself and another member, or then add another member to it to create a multi-member conversation.

Conversations (and Messages) are stored completely within the forum system. However, when you receive a PM from another member the default is for the system to send you a notification email with a link back to the conversation (only accessed by logging into the forum). This can be disabled on a ‘conversation’ basis.


Main Messaging Features


Your Message List with contain all your incoming and outgoing messages. Click on the icon once to open the list. Click on the icon again to close it.  The Cog Wheel  on the message gives you access to turn-off further Notifications (email) on this message or Hide it in the list.

Your People List  shows members you have had a conversation with and enables you to add others to the message … but please only Add a Member if you’re sure that all the other recipients of the message will be comfortable with that. The black Cog Wheel on the member’s username gives you options to Report or Remove a member from that list.

Message Editor – Scrolls to message editor so you can write a new message or reply to one.

Load New Messages – Refreshes the conversation and loads any new messages that have just come in.

Load all Messages – loads all old messages which are not currently in message list.

Delete Message – deletes all messages of current conversation, but only from your side. All other participants’ messages will not be deleted.

See the next Help item for Sending a Message.



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