Personal Messages – sending a message

There are several ways you can start a message to another member:

  • Search for the Member in the Members List and then click on the small envelope icon near their Username
  • On their Profile page click on the blue Send A Message button
  • Click on their Username anywhere it is shown in Posts or Topics in the Forum.

You can also create a new message from scratch by clicking on the Messages tab on either the Forum Menu bar or your profile page menu.

First, CLICK on your Message List icon (you close the List by clicking on the icon again)

Enter a title for your message in the Conversation Title box.

Then, put your cursor in the Conversation Members box.  Type all (or only part) of the Username you wish to send a message to. Wait a few seconds and the system will offer you the member’s address (in the @correct form). If you only type part of the Username it will offer you some similar Usernames to chose from.  You can add multiple people if you wish by repeating that process.

Once you have completed the text of your message, including dragging and dropping image files to be included with the your message if wanted, press the blue SEND button.


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