How do I create my Personal Images section?

Go to Personal Images in the Forum.  The ADD TOPIC and for the Title you MUST use your username.

Now you can add your first photograph.

Either just drag and drop them into the message space (they’ll automatically upload) OR  click Choose a File (and follow the instructions in How to Use the Forum – Adding an Image to a Post).

[After you have added an image to a post you will see this in the text box – [attach]126[/attach]  This is normal and is the code which will place the image into your Post when it’s viewed in the Forum (the number in the middle will be different for every image)]

That’s it! You’ve just posted your first photograph in the Personal Images section

You can drag and drop multiple images at the same time if you chose.  Or, within the 15 minute edit-allowed period you can add more individual images.

Don’t forget that you are only allowed a maximum of 5 images in your Personal Images section.

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