What is a ‘Legacy’ Member?

Legacy Members are members who joined Naturist Corner some time ago – having applied to join our old site before Feb 2020 when we launched this new version of Naturist Corner.

Over the last 12 years Legacy Members have contributed much of the rich content in our forum; sharing experiences, holiday and location information and opinions on naturism.

However way back then there wasn’t really any ‘requirement’ to fill in much profile information (not unlike a lot of other naturist forums still today). So you may find there’s a not a lot of information about Legacy Members.

These days we think that it’s much easier to get to know people if you can see if their interests are the same as yours and you can see their faces.  Faces are, after all, what we look at as naturists when we talk to each other. This is why we now insist on new applications for membership be accompanied by two photos.

A good number of Legacy Members do come back to Naturist Corner, even after several years.  If that is you and you’d like your account to be updated all you need to do is add more information about yourself in the profile  ‘About Me’ and add a photo (which will automatically remove the ‘Legacy Member’ avatar). Please remember that if your account is for a couple then the photo must be of a couple.

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